10 John Irving Quotes

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10 John Irving Quotes

1 “When I love a novel I’ve read, I want to reread it – in part, to see how it was constructed.”- John Irving

2 “I don’t read anything electronically. I don’t write electronically, either – except e-mails to my family and friends. I write in longhand. I have always written first drafts by hand, but I used to write subsequent drafts and insert pages on a typewriter. ”- John Irving

3 “I believe in rules of behavior, and I’m quite interested in stories about the consequences of breaking those rules. ”- John Irving

4 “There’s no reason you shouldn’t, as a writer, not be aware of the necessity to revise yourself constantly. ”- John Irving

5 “I do know where I’m going and it’s just a matter of finding the language to get there. ”- John Irving

6 “There’s a lot of ignorance about how long it takes to write a novel. There’s a lot of ignorance about how long a novel is in your head before you start to write it. ”- John Irving

7 “I write the last line, and then I write the line before that. I find myself writing backwards for a while, until I have a solid sense of how that ending sounds and feels. You have to know what your voice sounds like at the end of the story, because it tells you how to sound when you begin. ”- John Irving

8 “Sometimes that’s a year, sometimes it’s 18 months, where all I’m doing is taking notes. I’m reconstructing the story from the back to the front so that I know where the front is. ”- John Irving

9 “I don’t really set out to explore grand themes. I set out to tell a story. And one I have to be able to imagine right through. ”- John Irving

10 “The building of the architecture of a novel – the craft of it – is something I never tire of. ”- John Irving

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