Allu Arjun Quotes

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Allu Arjun Quotes

1 “People will watch your film only if it’s good. Another star’s flop won’t make your film a hit. So my race is with myself.” – Allu Arjun

2 “I keep myself away from people who talk badly about others.” – Allu Arjun

3 “|With each film, I try to outdo my previous films.” – Allu Arjun

4 “When we do something good, people immediately follow it.” – Allu Arjun

5 “If we give something positive to others, it will return to us. If we give negative, that negativity will be returned.” – Allu Arjun

6 “You can’t expect critics to appreciate all kinds of cinema.” – Allu Arjun

7 “I am not an actor who enjoys negative comments on other heroes.” – Allu Arjun

8 “There are lots of things to do. Lots of movies to catch. Lots of places to visit… I try to bring in every real life experience into my acting.” – Allu Arjun

9 “I like new challenges.” – Allu Arjun

10 “I’m only competing with myself.” – Allu Arjun

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