Bruce Lee quotes

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Bruce Lee Quotes

1 “A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.”- Bruce Lee
2 “As you think, so shall you become. ”- Bruce Lee
3 “It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential. ”- Bruce Lee
4 “Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory. ”- Bruce Lee
5 “The possession of anything begins in the mind. ”- Bruce Lee
6 “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. ”- Bruce Lee
7 “Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.
8 “Real living is living for others. ”- Bruce Lee
9 “To me, the extraordinary aspect of martial arts lies in its simplicity. The easy way is also the right way, and martial arts is nothing at all special; the closer to the true way of martial arts, the less wastage of expression there is. ”- Bruce Lee
10 “Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential. ”- Bruce Lee

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